Full Evaluation and Private Sessions

If You Are Recovering from an Injury

Full Evaluation

Designed for Post-Injury, Post-Surgery or those with Chronic Pain

The full evaluation is a complete postural analysis and history screening with a structural / postural specialist. It is designed to assess specific issues that may be the cause of chronic pain. In addition, it includes an in-depth consultation with an Evolve instructor to set specific goals and create a plan to achieve them. The full evaluation is required for anyone recovering from an injury, surgery, or anyone currently in the care of a physician. It is also recommended for anyone who wants to find and address the source of chronic pain.

While the full evaluation is required when you're recovering from an injury, if you'd like to continue with private sessions after the full evaluation, we have a full offering of sessions available.  

For more information, contact Evolve at (352) 378-7517 or info@evolvepilates.com.


Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private Sessions are personally customized to meet individual needs. Your instructor will help develop a workout program specific to your body and your goals, selecting the exercises that will benefit you the most. Private Sessions are ideal for new clients, clients with injuries, and more advanced clients looking to improve their form.

We also provide semi-private sessions which provide an alternate way to maintain a small instructor-student ratio. These sessions are also ideal for friends or family looking to share a workout.

Private sessions are also available for Garuda, Gyrotonic, and Structural Integration.  

For more information, visit the Classes page or contact Evolve at (352) 378-7517 or info@evolvepilates.com.